Superwomen and supermen, professional athletes.


Normal people, having jobs, families, just like you. Simply wishing to do something unusual in order to help the others while reaching our own limits.


We all share a passion for ultra-trail running. Some do think that we are crazy, maybe we are…. Then let’s just use it in a social positive way!



Member 1: Aurélia !

Let’s start by the strongest: a Lady…no surprise!

Aurélia MDS
Marathon des Sables (Maroc) – 2018

Hi, my name is Aurélia.

I’m an amateur athlete and I am passionate about trail running. I particularly enjoy running long distances because I like the idea of travelling with the simplest means of transport; on my own feet – both to the other end of the planet and beyond my limits.

My previous running adventures took me to Asia, Mongolia, around the Mont Blanc and in the Sahara.

In my daily life, I am the mother of 2 children and a paediatrician: contributing to a better future for handicapped children is definitely something that is dear to my heart.

I am therefore very grateful to be able to put my passion for running at the service of these children and to offer them these millions of steps.

Thank you for them.


Member 2: Florian  aka “Chevalier Flovignot “

Zugspitz ultra trail – 2018


Sports have always been part of my life and as I kid, my focus was more on Tennis and Playing Handball in my home base region of southern France (Arles – 13). Team sports was a big part of my life until I turned 18 as well as during my study time, where football and being part of a team for 8 years running in the international football league of Beijing. My interest for running came surprisingly while in China and I discovered a passion for this sport thanks to my at-the-time future wife and the company she worked for, Volkswagen Group China, who was organizing and sponsoring a running club. My first race was the half Marathon of Macau.

Following from that, I was twice finisher of the China Great Wall Marathon, which is in fact a marathon only by its name! When looking at its elevation and its many steps, it was definitely an introduction to the world of Trailing! This when I fell in love with trail running, which from my perspective, is a sport combining performance and a certain idea of harmony between people and nature.

After a short period of 3 years in France, and a progressive learning of this sport in the rocky hills of the southern France, we decided, together with my wife to move to Germany end 2015. Since then, and thanks to us living in Bavaria and close to the German Alps, that I had the opportunity to develop my knowledge of this sport. I had the chance to meet other trail’s fans, and therefore ended up doing my first Ultra Trail (Zugspitze Ultra Trail 100km in Grainau) in June 2018. This race made me want to do an even longer and more famous trail such as “Grand Raid de la Réunion / La Diagonale des Fous”. This is the dream and fantasy for all trail fanatics. 10 years have passed between my first running experience and my dream to be a finisher of “La Diagonale des Fous”. Now I am training hard in order to achieve this dream.

Finally what could be more beautiful and honourable than to associate our run and team with a social cause.

Here are some pictures of the last long trail that I did with Philippe and Jean-Paul:

Yours sincerely, friends from the trail world !



Member 3: Philippe

phil zugspitze
Ehrwalder Alm (Germany) – 2018


I am father of 2 children and have a challenge oriented mindset, my belief is that personal success occurs when we make others people happy. I do think also that the most important challenge is always the next to come.

Nota bene (from Jean-Paul): As Philippe does not feel like writing much about himself, I will allow myself to add a few things:

Philippe is the 1st who actually got the idea of running the “diagonale des fous”. He is a real philosophe and helps indeed a lot his friends by motivating them to become who they mean to be. He has an inspiring personality. On top, he has a very unusual capacity to cope with effort: the 1st race he ever ran in his life (last year) was….a 102km with 5400D+, almost from scratch, just right off the couch….


Member 4: Raphael

Trail de Gemenos (France) – 2018

Hi everybody,

My name is Raphael. I’m 42.

I am certainly (at least, in my point of view) the one of the team who think the most that what we are going to achieve is just completely crazy. Indeed, “Le grand Raid de la Réunion” is just 165km and 9576m D+. Not more, not less. That is maybe why another name for this race is “La diagonale des fous”.

But ok, who I am to relish such a challenge?

I used to run since 15 years. I started running with Jean-Paul around Metz in France where we met. During those 15 years, I have run several marathons: Rome, Paris, Montreal, Nice. In the meantime, I tried myself at the orienteering in Belgium where I lived for 6 years. What an incredible and fascinating discipline. I invite you to try. But when I moved in the South of France, it was easier for me to move to the trail. So I have discovered the area near Marseille thanks to races: Massif de la Sainte Victoire, Massif de l’Etoile, Massif de la Sainte Baume, les Alpilles, les calanques de Marseille, … What a great playing field. Since 2 years, I have moved to the triathlon, just to combine swimming, cycling, and running. But my experience in the long distance running is close to zero: I run two times la SainteLyon, 72kms by night and one time le Trail des écrins, 57kms in the South of Alps. To be honest, I enjoy running 25 – 30kms.

So why jumping in such an adventure with both feet?

Well, the reasons are multiple. The first one is certainly the desire to share and experience something that will be burn in my memory for ever. The second reason is to push myself beyond the limits like the people who are fighting all their lives against rare diseases, to give a little piece of my time to promote and raise awareness of rare diseases to my family, my friends and all of you who follow and support us. So please, help those people, those children, the research by giving a little of your time, by promoting our action, by supporting their cause or anything else that will help to improve those people lives. Thank you.


From left to right:

Always a picture of the cross when I run at the Ste Victoire

I enjoy my last run in French Moselle forest by a frozen day

The hardest race I made since now. Clearly a lot still needs to be done before the Reunion



Member 5: JP

Tarawera ultra marathon (New Zealand) – 2017

Hi! I am French, 46 years old, married, living and working in Germany. Defined by what I am doing: I would simply say that I consider that “the more difficult the way, the more we learn out of it”. I am just trying to apply this motto to all public domains of my life: learning, working, training…racing. I am committed. If you wish to know more about me, feel free to have a look at

Thank you in advance for the children!