You are reading the story of an adventure, leading friends; lucky enough to have 2 good-functioning legs; to celebrate it by using these legs beyond what is commonly done: each team member will try to run approx 2 days and nights, almost non-stop, across Reunion Island (French island in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar and 175 km / 109 mi southwest of Mauritius), covering a distance of some 165 km and climbing some 10 000 meters of elevation… Crossing deep lush forests, winding around active volcanos, on stiff slopes, rocky stairs, etc.… All of this, under a tropical climate… All this to collect funds for the cause mentioned here below.

This story is a tribute to life, a story which starts with a dream, then it is about… perseverance, resilience, pain and joy. A story of “sharing”, reminding than together we can go very, …very far. This is what “Million Steps 3070” is about.

But…. Not only.



This project aims at supporting people.

Which people? First: for all the children who must fight against a rare disease preventing them sometimes to walk as early as the other ones, facing numerous health issues, and their for their parents who do their best to support these children to cope with this difficult destiny. We are doing all this to support research on rare diseases. This is indeed the societal target of the project “Million Steps 3070”.

We hope that our project will inspire some of you to imagine your own projects, aiming at helping the others. We hope also that, in return, these projects will help you to become the best version of yourself. All the best and enjoy the journey!

With Love for all the children who are learning to walk.


Île de la Réunion – Cirque de Mafate

2 thoughts on “OUR PROJECT”

  1. Bonjour,
    I’m Jean Thierry, turning 50 this year and living in Paris France with my wife and our two teens.
    I’m myself suffering a neurological rare disease provoquing movement disorders. It is called Dystonia. I’ve contracted out if nowhere 10 years ago what is known as a Meige syndroma with a prédominant blépharospasm in my case.
    I’m currently actively taking part in the french Dystonia support group, http://www.amadys.fr (Association des Malades Atteints de Dystonie).
    As part of the Dystonia awareness campaign i’ve been participating with one Friend, Vincent to several running events incl. ultra trails (from 80kms up to 174kms with decent elevation grades…) those past few years. Vincent, who has no handicap is supporting me during those long hours into the wild. And vice versa ✌️
    We both would be honored ans thrilled to participate to this Diagonale 2019 and be part if your aventure.
    Do not hesitate to contact me. We’re ready to rock it, push limits and help raise awareness re rare diseases!
    Jean Thierry

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    1. Bonjour Jean Thierry,
      THANK YOU ! This is a very motivating post! People like you are actually inspiring and helping a lot the other runners to think bigger. We would be delighted to have you and Vincent in the team! Let’s exchange further on this, my e-mail is jpm.nz.88@gmail.com. Aurélia, belonging to the initial Project team is living in Paris also…
      Bon week end!


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