Solidarity Team

We would like to dedicate a wall of honour to our generous running mates who have joined the team thanks to solidarity bibs. Let’s greet and warmly welcome:

Solidarity bib #1: Christophe

Hi, my name is Christophe Jamet, I’m 41, I’m married and I have two kids.

I was born in Reunion Island where I fell in love with nature and mountain. When I was 18, as many students, I had to leave, dreaming to come back one day to run on Le Grand Raid. Finally I really started Trail Running in 2015, I’ve completed UTCAM in 2016, UTMB in 2017 and in 2018 and many others smaller races. Today I’m lucky to live in a mountainous area between Nice and Monaco et my favorite playground and training area is behind my home.

Running on la Diagonale des Fous with the Foundation for Rare Diseases has a real meaning for me and I already ran on the UTMB with the foundation two years ago.

It’s a great opportunity to run with this team, in my island and on this iconic race!

Marathon du Mt Blanc 2016
Mont-Blanc Marathon 2016
La maison
View from my place


Solidarity bib #2: Xavier

I am 42 years old and I am living in the Alpes-Maritimes (FR) with my 2 children of 7 and 9 years old.

Running is part of my life as far as I remember, but even more intensively for the last 3 years with trail running and long distances races of any kind.

Pushing oneself to the limits, humility and sport values in general are very important to me. I have also a lot of affection for the region where I am living, and this is always with pleasure that I carry the colours of my local club (Nice Cote d’Azur Athlétisme).

Today, I am happy to be lucky enough to run this Diagonale for the Foundation for Rare Diseases, knowing that during tough moments during the race (and there will be many…), this will be this noble cause which will carry me further.

See you in La Réunion!



Solidarity bib #3: Marc

I am 45 years old this year, I am ski teacher, mountain guide, for mountain bike as well. I am managing my camping at Contamines Montjoie which is next to GR “tour du Mont Blanc” (the UTMB passes in front of my door !!!).
I have 2 children who are living alternately with me: Colline, 10 years old, who has an handicap (a genetic malformation affecting brain cells which is inducing some psychomotor retardation) and Lorenzo, 8 years old. I am getting back to business after a motorcycle accident in June with 3 broken vertebrae. I ran quite a lot between 2010 and 2015 (Transmartinique, UTMB, etc…). I practised ski, mountaineering and biking also. I am delighted to support your Fondation because Colline case is rare also. My ex-wife could have had a miscarriage but my daughter decided to cling to life, and today she has an extraordinary girl who keeps on fighting  and moves forward everyday.  Even if it was not a given at the beginning: she swims, she skis and she bikes. She is in an educational  medical institute (Institut Médico-Educatif – IME), and with her mother, we are supporting her as much as we can in her life of “grown-up person” without knowing what the future will bring… With Colline, we are moving forward step-by-step but we do not know where the track is leading to…. This is encouraging to see that she keeps on progressing, but at her pace….

COMMENT from JP: reading this very emotional feedback, I just hope that we will be as strong as Colline in October, being able to move forward, step-by- step, at our pace…..

THANK YOU SO MUCH Marc! We are so happy to have you in the team !!!!



Solidarity bib #4 : Julien L.

I am 35 years old, and a trail-runner since a 2 years stay in Réunion 2 years ago.
Trail running means more than a sport to me, this is an outlet and a healthy life style, this is a mandatory activity for my own balance.
I am an emergency physician so I need to reload between my duties. The long runs outside are belonging to my life since my stay in Réunion. I have also the chance to live in Marseille which offers an amazing playground, with its Calanques, and which has a weather enabling outdoor activities.
I try to enjoy my hobby during my free time without encroaching too much upon my family life, not easy… Because I have 2 sweet little children who are 3 and 1 years old, and they are requiring a permanent attention. I hope that they will share the passion for trail running with their father. My Wife is a pillar in my life and also for trail running. She is guaranteeing the right balance between my sport and the rest of my life. She was also a great coach during the trails I already ran : trail arc en ciel (60 km, 3500 m), trail de Bourbon (92 km, 5500 m) , the Saintélyon (81 km, 2500 m).
I am looking forward to come back on the Réunian land, to set foot on this mythical track and finally to cross the finishing line with my so beloved family…
Additionally, running under the flag of the French Foundation for Rare Diseases is adding an altruistic dimension to this personal sporty project. This is giving more meaning to this extraordinary race, let’s speak frankly: A COMPLETELY CRAZY RACE!



Solidarity bib #5: Ludovic



Solidarity bib #6: Guillaume




Solidarity bib #7: Julien C.

Hello, I am Julien and I live in Provence for few years now, after a long time in Lyon city. What a pleasure to be in the nature all the year, running surrounded by the olive trees, the lavender fields and the sheep.
I run for a long time now. Each run is a pleasure, whatever the weather, the duration, the landscape, the partners, the pace; it is for me the way to keep equilibrium, to think to thousands different things, to look inside but also to exchange with the world and to resource. I use to say that running is like sleeping (but people are rarely convinced…), you release all the nervous tension, and it make your day.
I often realize how lucky we are with my wife and our children as we are going ahead without any illness and significant worries. That is why running is life for me, and as I can do it, I must run for all the others, to support them; we must take it right now.
For sure, it will be just pleasure to run the Diagonal in Réunion island, to enjoy this moment and share it with you and the team ‘Million steps’; eyes will shine!
See you soon.