✨ MILLION STEPS ✨ !!! They did it!! 🏆

“Awesome!!! 13/13”


You are right, Aurélia!! It is AWESOME!!! All the runners of our “Million steps” team survived and got through the 166 km and 10,000 of altitude difference of the Diagonale des Fous!!! Congratulations to all, and especially to Julien C. and Marc who made great performances!!

Congrats Julien C.!!!

No abandonment, no injuries!!! The 100% success of our team defies the statistics of this race which is generally announced with 30-40% of abandonment.

A brief look back at the arrival of our runners at the stadium of La Redoute.

Saturday, October 19:

🥇 Julien C., the first of our team, crossed the finish line just before 9:00 am (local time). He is 97th after running 34 hours 41!!

🥇 Marc arrived at La Redoute stadium after running 36 hours 33!! He is 144th.

🥇 Guillaume is 467th. He crossed the finish line after running 43 hours 05.

🥇 Julien L., after running 43 hours 26, is 499th.

🥇 Raph is 546th after running 44 hours 05.

Sunday, October 20:

🥇 Christophe arrived at La Redoute at 1:33 am, he is 1140th.

🥇 Jean-Louis, 1360th. Running time: 54h18

🥇 Phil, 1436th. Running time: 55h39

🥇 Xavier, 1596th. Running time: 57h51

Aurélia and Ludo arrived at the same time.

🥇 Aurélia, 1564th, Ludo, 1565th. Running time: 57h32

🥇 JP, 1570th. Running time: 57h35

🥇 Florian, 1728th. Running time: 59h24

Congratulations again!!! Now it is recovery time!



✨ MILLION STEPS ✨ After 24 hours…

It is 12:30 am in Reunion Island. 24 hours after the start of La Diagonale des Fous, our runners passed all Marla (7th aid station, 77.8km from the start). Among them, some continued to run, others decided to run.


Julien C., 96th, passed Maïdo-Tête dure (14th aid station) !!! A huge bravo Julien !!!!

Marc, 242nd, arrived at Rocheplate (13th aid station).

Julien L. 492nd, Guillaume 502nd and Raph 700th passed Grand Place (11th aid station).

Christophe, 1083rd, arrived at Sentier Scout (9th aid station).

Aurélia 1635th, JP 1654th, Flo 1678th, Ludo 1701st, Jean-Louis 1702nd, Xavier 1786th et Phil 1865th passed Marla.

It froze last night at Aire Nez de Boeuf. 🥶 We hope this night will be less cold !

Photo: Grand Raid Réunion