Join the team! Solidarity bibs for the trail de Bourbon!

flyer Bourbon
Created by Noirtin Bureautique Assistance

The other challenging race : the Trail de Bourbon – join us !

The running team of the French Foundation for Rare Diseases is waiting for you for a thrilling and original challenge : the Trail de Bourbon is the second famous race of the Grand Raid de la Réunion. It is a difficult 111 km trail with 6400 m of elevation gain between Cilaos and Saint-Denis. If the track has a high cumulated positive difference in altitude, the cumulated elevation loss is even greater, 7650 m with long technical descents, which are as demanding as the ascending phases. 

We have here 10 solidarity bibs left !!!

photo Trail de B



Training for a crazy race!

With 165 km and  9576 m of elevation, la Diagonale des fous is well named and you can’t imagine participating without being (very, very, very) well trained: Aurélia et JP have been running for the MIUT on Madeira Island for 18 hours; and tomorrow it will be Florian’s turn to start on the Balcons d’azur trail, in Mandelieu.

Phil, Raph, Guillaume, Ludovic and the others runners of the “Million steps” team are also registered in several races.

Do you want to know which one? Here is the calendar of their preparatory races: follow the link A crazy race!

… and leave them a nice supportive comment; it’s just below 🙂